Project No.1


Project No.2


Journal Cover 
Mock Restaurant Logo Design 

Project No.5


Project No.4


Graphic Design Showcase Poster
Quote Illustration  

Project No.7


Project No.8


Floor Plan Map  
Silent Film Festival Poster 

Project No.10


Project No.11


"You Belong" Event Invite 
Mock Video Project Proposal  

Project No.3


Short Film Festival Poster 

Project No.6


Mock Magazine Layout  

Project No.9


2018 Graduate Showcase Research Presentation  


I first started learning graphic design as part of my digital media undergraduate degree. I had a phenomenal professor who helped me get from "I'm not an artist and I'm only taking this class because I have to" to "proficient graphic designer" in just a few semesters. My strengths are layout and publication design, but I can also design simple logos and other small projects. I am comfortable using Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. 



Kelley J. Sorenson 
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